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When you are Quiet making other plans, life happens.

Those too Quiet to look for success typically find it for them.

Watch out for the emptiness of a Quiet existence.

Technology can potentially be our closest friend and the worst life-ruiner. Because we are too preoccupied with bridging the walk from lunch back to the workplace on the cell phone, it interrupts our own tale, our capacity to have a thought or a daydream, to envision something fantastic.

I wouldn’t say I like going back in time. I always have my eyes on the future. I don’t tend to sit around crying about spilled milk. I’m too occupied trying to find the next cow.

If we are too Quiet holding onto our previous hurts and harboring resentments, we will not be able to accept God’s forgiveness.

Ask a Quiet individual to complete your task if you want it completed. You can do more the more you do.

It’s usually preferable to keep active, channel your rage, and put your energy into something constructive during times of extreme stress or struggle.

Solitude is not the same as taking a “time-out” from our hectic life. The basic foundation of community is solitude. We may be given the opportunity for a closer closeness with one another whenever we pray, study, read, write, or simply spend some quiet time apart from where we normally engage with one another.

Regardless of how busy I am, I will always find time for the things that are most important to me.

Real Americans are getting Quiet because America is more than simply a nation.


If a man wants to get anything done, he must constantly be thinking.

Because of our busy schedules, none of us have time to appreciate life, good company, or delicious food.

The only way to ensure one’s immortality is to include so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep professors busy debating what I meant for centuries.

We encounter numerous obstacles in life, and somehow we become preoccupied with our busy schedules and lose sight of how to appreciate life.

O man, while you’re busy serving the world, the world is also busy trying to ruin you.

Whoever is overly preoccupied with doing good cannot find time to do good.

One of the enemy’s greatest strategies is to keep you busy, hurried, noisy, and distracted. He also attempts to overcrowd God’s people and the Church of God with so much activity that there is little space left for prayer. Being alone with God is not possible. Silence has no place here. No space is available for meditation.

I’m too preoccupied trying not to be naive. I was here first, therefore I’ve seen everything.

After all, the nicest part of a vacation may not be relaxing yourself so much as observing everyone else at work.

When you are insane, you are always engaged in being insane.

Making a splash in a crowded market is a failure. Being invisible in a crowded marketplace is the same as not sticking out.

Being busy, active, and unconcerned with oneself in one’s most basic and everyday style of consciousness is a prerequisite for happiness.

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Only the pursued, the pursued, the busy, and the exhausted exist.

I frequently alter my diet. My current goal is to eat more protein. I eat small meals all day long. Since I enjoy eating, I still make myself delicious meals. Additionally, I may easily lose weight while I’m Quiet.

The hare prevails in real life. Each time. Take a look around. In any event, I believe Aesop was writing with the tortoise market in mind. Hares do not have time to read. They are overly focused on getting the win.

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