All-Time Top 100 Money attitud Quotes

All-Time Top 100 Money Quotes

Far too many people use the money they make to impress people they don’t like or to acquire items they don’t want. — Rogers, Will
Money should be in the head of a sensible person, not the heart. —Swift Jonathan
Being wealthy doesn’t mean owning a lot of stuff; rather, it means having few desires. –Cretaceous
Many times, money is overpriced. –Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Our time is our currency, and each day is a bank account. Everyone has 24 hours a day, and nobody is wealthy or impoverished. –Richard Christopher
Your approach to failure will dictate your path to success. –Feherty, David
Alongside all the other virtues is frugalness. Cicero,
I adore cash. I adore every aspect of it. I purchased some quite nice items. got me some socks that cost $300. acquired a fur sink. a dog groomer with electricity. a turtleneck sweater powered by gasoline. Of course, I also purchased some foolish items. –Marty StewartInvesting in knowledge yields optimal returns. — Theodore Franklin
I’ll reveal to you how to make a lot of money on Wall Street. When others are afraid, you strive to be avaricious. When other people are greedy, you strive to be afraid. –Burnie Warren

Most people pass up opportunities because they are clothed in overalls and appear to be related to work. — Edison Thomas
Our true purpose is to do what we truly desire to do. We feel valuable, money comes to us, doors open, and the work we do becomes enjoyable when we follow our true calling. —Alice Cameron
I never try to trade stocks for a profit. I purchase with the understanding that the market might close the following day and not reopen for ten years. –Burnie Warren
These days, a nickel isn’t worth a dime. –Berra Yogi

Self-education will make you a fortune; formal education will only earn you a living. –James R.
Cash is merely a tool. It will transport you to your desired location, but it won’t take your place behind the wheel. —Ayn Rand (
Having possessions isn’t the path to financial tranquility. It involves learning how to live on less than you earn in order to save money for investments and to give money back. This must be done before you may win. […] Dave Ramsey

The impoverished person is not the one with too little; rather, it is the one who yearns for more. –Agnes
The person who pays the salaries is not the employer. Only the money is handled by employers. The wages are covered by the customer. –Ford Henry
Someone who loses money loses a lot; someone who loses a friend loses a lot more; and someone who loses faith loses everything. Roosevelt Eleanor
Happiness is found in the excitement of creative endeavor and the satisfaction of accomplishment rather than just having money. — Theodore Roosevelt

Nobody was ever held back by empty pockets. That is only possible with empty hearts and heads. — Vincent Normand Peale
While having money and the things it can purchase is a nice thing, it’s also a good idea to periodically verify that the things that money cannot purchase have not been lost. –Lorimer, George
Only in what you truly love can you achieve true success. Don’t aim for financial success. Rather, follow your passions and excel at them so that others find it difficult to look away from you. [Maya Angelou]