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Feeling alone is not the worst thing in the world. Things like feeling alone even when you’re beside someone. Mr. W. Poetry
“At times, I experienced a haunting loneliness that I also saw in others—young clerks in the twilight, squandering the most precious moments of life and night.” Fitzgerald, Scott
“The heart grows fonder when one is absent, but the rest of you get lonely.”Charlie M. Schulz
We’re all lonely for things we’re not even aware of. What other explanation exists for the odd sensation we have when we feel we are missing someone we have never met? ― Author David Foster Wallace

All of a sudden. Yes, all of a sudden, I didn’t think I could bear how alone I felt.—Zauskas Markus
“The emotions we never express to anyone are what isolate us.” Naidu Bunny
“I don’t think it’s true that being alone makes you lonely, contrary to popular belief. The most lonely thing in the world is to be surrounded by the wrong people. — Culbertson Kim
“Many people experience loneliness as such an all-encompassing and excruciating threat that they have little idea of the benefits of solitude and occasionally are even afraid of being alone.” May Rollo
“The majority of the time we wake up and choose to marry no one but ourselves, which makes our world seem so lonely.” Poindexter, Christopher

“You might be moving toward an otherwise unattainable experience of reality if you’re lonely.” Laing Olivia
“It was such a pleasant surprise to realize how lonely being by yourself can be.” Burstyn Ellen
“Keep in mind that you most need time alone when you feel lonely. The cruelest irony of life Coupland, Douglas
“Every man has always experienced loneliness as the primary and inevitable experience.” Theodore Wolfe“You are alone when you speak up.” — Kumar Ravishan
“Some evenings are meant for solitude, introspection, or torture.” Brite Poppy Z.
It never felt right to be alone. It never felt right, even though it occasionally felt fantastic. — Charles Dickson
“Everything that is great and valuable is alone.” Steinbeck, John
“The most isolated moment in a person’s life is when they are witnessing their entire world crumble and all they can do is look on indifferently.” Fitzgerald, F. Scott

“Life is full of suffering, loneliness, and misery, and it ends far too soon.” — Allen Woody
“May your loneliness inspire you to discover something worthwhile to live for—something you would even be willing to die for.” — Hammarskjold, Dag
“Only those who are alone can truly comprehend the flawless quality of loneliness.” — The Khan Munia
“It’s preferable to be unhappy alone than with someone else.” Marlene Dietrich

Hold on to me. I’d rather not be by myself. Being by myself is unbearable to me. Theodore Rothstein
“We need other people the most when we really realize that we are alone.” Anthony Ronald
“You won’t be able to tell if you’re choosing someone out of loneliness or love until you learn to be comfortable being alone.” Karen Hale
“Even though we are all very much together, loneliness is killing us all.” Victor Hugo Schwarz

“Loneliness is the ultimate indicator of aging.” Dillard, Annie
“Loneliness is more problematic than being alone. Do you not think that loneliness can exist even in the middle of a crowd? (Christine Feehan)
“Even though I could easily navigate this world without you, knowing that you are out there would make for the most lonely voyage.” Iron Word, J.
“Because they build walls instead of bridges, people are lonely.” Newton, Joseph F.
“The problem is not that I am single and probably will remain single; rather, it is that I am lonely and probably will remain lonely.” ― Emily Brontë
“A soul that perceives beauty may walk by itself at times.” — Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
“Everyone is alone in this world, which is a tragedy. Because a life from the past is not


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