anger quotes

 “The quickest signal from our unconsciousness that someone is crossing our boundaries is anger.” I am Wendy Hammond.

82. “Remember, Grace, that your capacity for love will be suppressed if you allow anger to enter your heart.” Bree Despairing

83. “To be angry is to allow the mistakes of others to hurt you.” The Buddha

The saying goes, “There is always pain underneath anger.” Eckhart Tolle.

85. “A nation can never be built by extreme violence and rage.” Mandela, Nelson

87. “It’s okay to be angry. It only becomes problematic when it seizes control and forces you to undertake actions against your will. […] Ellen Hopkins

88. “Once you realize that your anger only causes you internal emotional strain, you’re prepared to take a more precisely defined constructive action.” Pulsifer, Catherine

89. “We should abstain from speech and action when we are angry.” The Pythagoreans
91. “The person who is most likely to be in the wrong in a dispute is the one who is furious.” — Tillotson John

92. “Maybe our cruelties and angers may melt away if we could learn even a small amount to appreciate ourselves.”


93. “Trust and fear are the true enemies of inner calm. Fear breeds dissatisfaction, which breeds rage, which breeds violence. – The Dalai Lama