angry quotes

94. “Never promise something in happiness and never make a decision in anger.” — Abi Talib, Ali ibn

95. “A harsh word incites anger, but a gentle answer turns away wrath.” By Solomon

96. “Anger mishandles everything.” — John Stadius
97%. “Anger stirs confusion in the mind, just as the winds whip up the sea.” — Climacus John

98. “A lifetime of work can be destroyed by a moment of rage, but a lifetime of barriers can be broken by a moment of love.” — Brown Leon


99. “Every condemnation, diagnosis, criticism, and outburst of rage is the tragic manifestation of an unfulfilled need.” — John Marshall Rosenberg


101. “Let us look around with awareness, not backward in anger, nor forward in fear.” Thurber, James
101. “Danger is just one letter away from anger.” Roosevelt Eleanor
103. “Preventing anger is the best way to deal with it.” The Dalai Lama, 14
104. “When an angry man comes back to reason, he becomes angry with himself again.” Syrus Publilius
1005. “Living with others can help you overcome their anger.” 106 Epictetus. “A man who is furious closes his eyes and opens his mouth.”
107. “One chooses to be angry; it is not a given.” Chapman, Gary
108%. “Anger is a useful energy that can be directed toward good.” Oh, Russell. Daniel Dobd
109. “Anger is a wind that extinguishes the mental lamp.” Oh Ro