111. “It is rare for people to act out of anger for which they do not feel regret.” — Richardson Samuel

112. “Controlling one’s anger is good, but preventing it is even better.” — Edwards Tryon

“A man who lacks the ability to express anger does not possess the ability to be good.” – Henry Beecher, Jr.

“Anger starts in foolishness and ends in repentance,” says verse 114. The Pythagorean

115. “How much happier we would all be if our early lessons of acceptance were as successful as our early lessons of anger.” — Peter McArthur
116. “Anger stumbles when it rushes unbridled toward action, much like a hot steed.” The man of thought strikes safely and with the most depth. — William Savage

122. “Anger turns restrictive and limiting.” It is opaque to the light. And while you’re doing it, consider that as well. However, eventually you have to shift your focus. — Moss Thylias

123. “A man is unlikely to control his passions if he cannot control his temper.” — McKay, David O.

124. “Avoid taking your anger too far.” — Shakespearean text

125. “Let this be your mantra; the next time you feel angry, just keep an eye on it.” Avoid saying. — Ravinda
No. 126. “Resist the urge to bark idly with your tongue when anger rises.” The Sappho

“Malice is the wisdom of our wrath, but anger is blood, poured and perplexed into froth,” says verse 127. — Davenant Williams


128. “Anger is gentle to those who err in judgment, not in will.” — Euripides