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BE YOURSELF Positive Thoughts for Women


Live to communicate, not to win others over.


Fake is commonplace and real is scarce.


My attitude, not my ego, is a reflection of my knowledge.


Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


Remain unique and let others to imitate you.


Be the ununderstood art form.

When you were meant to be unique, why try to fit in?

.. The choice to be authentic is the first step toward beauty.

Don’t hide your magic; instead, do the universe a favor.


Act genuine, not exceptional.

Quit if you are unable to be kind.


I’m not clumsy.

I simply speak what others lack the courage to express.


Assess me once you’re flawless.

When your ego talks, my disposition responds.


Express your feelings.

It isn’t impolite.

It’s being sincere.

If my thought process is unclear to you, please accept my sincere apologies.

Other people should respect me.

Is everyone?


One’s capacity to persuade will not improve by responding with rage or irritation.


If being good to plants can make them grow, just think of the potential benefits of being kind to people.

Impossible is merely a viewpoint.


It’s acceptable to outgrow someone.


It’s time to unleash your beastly side, beauty.


Your speed is not as crucial as your direction.

Have the guts to try something new and fail miserably.


Make your own self-prove, not that of others.


Remember the way of life you have committed to.

Queen is busy, but love is simple.
Your direction is determined by your mindset.

I’m going to bring you immense joy. – Memo to Self


You ought to give it a shot.


Who do you think will offer you everything?


Perhaps you should work just as hard as you obsess.


15. Give up overanalyzing and just act.

Move if you’re unhappy where you are.


One is not a tree.


Who will let me in is not the question.


Who is going to put an end to me?


Who will let me in is not the question.


Who is going to put an end to me?


You never know who might be in need. Positive vibes are contagious.


At the end of the day, things to get rid of include your makeup, your bra, toxic people, and

You’re happier the less concerned you are.
Everything can be worked out.
You are made or broken on the days that define you.

Simply say “yikes” and proceed.

Simply say “yikes” and proceed.

Transform your scars into knowledge. – Winfrey, O.

An unaffected woman renders her opponents helpless.

If you continue to act as though you are not harmed, you will never heal.

Never stop being proud of your efforts.

8. I am not to blame for the hurt.

However, it is my duty to heal.

Even though it may not feel like it right now, you are capable of handling everything.

Put on extra lipstick and charge if you’re depressed. – Chanel, Chanel

I’ve changed a lot, they say.

I say I’ve changed a lot.



Everything can be worked out.



Hard to come by. Hard to overlook.

2. You disregard me, yet the next day you will yearn for me.
To protect your heart, I would break my own.

As I told you. – Your Sensation


Probably ought should have come with a warning label from birth.


Although I am aware that appearances don’t matter, I have them anyhow.


My ideal cup of coffee is dark, bitter, and extremely hot, just like me.


I adore it when ladies understand they’re not making unreasonable requests.


beside me.




She wasn’t as delicate as a flower.


She was as brittle as a flame.


4. Exude elegance while remaining unbreakable.


Squeeze the lemons life provides you and look them in the eyes.