attitude quotes

31) Burning out is preferable to fading away.

32) Weakness of Character results from Attitude Weakness.

33) Rather than being liked for who I am not, I would rather be loathed for who I am.

34) I am merely a limited edition; I am not a unique person.

35) Whether you like me or not, you can’t make me change.

36) It doesn’t matter; I’m great.

37) Follow me instead of your dreams.
38) I’m a brilliant guy; I just make dumb decisions.


39) Work hard until the people who are criticizing you inquire if you are hiring.

40) You don’t need to explain who I am; I know who I am.


41) I’ll pretend to be normal sometimes. But I go back to being myself because it gets boring.

42) When life hands you lemons, throw them into the face of your adversary.

43) I’m never defeated. I either succeed or I fail.

44) I only see what’s in front of me; my attitude is like a mirror.

45) The greatest base for true beauty is a combination of knowledge, abilities, and attitude.
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2) I just love those who love me; I don’t dislike people.

3) No Available Status! Examine Later.


4) Remember that it is not good to live in the past and focus just on dreams.


5) Never compromise who you are for anyone; always be true to yourself.


6) If someone despises you without cause, give him a reason!



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