attitues quotes

.. “Remain optimistic, even if things don’t seem to be happening as quickly as you would like them to.” — Thomas Jefferson

.. “You can alter your life if you can alter your mind.” —Theodore James

.. Being realistic in the eyes of the majority is essentially a means of rationalizing pessimistic beliefs. Go after a fantastic goal. Bob Rotella, M.D.

“There is good in every day, even though it may not be perfect.” —Morse Earle Alice

. “I take a decision and make it right; I don’t believe in taking the right decision.” —Jinnah, Muhammad Ali

“Recount your gifts.” Pay attention to what you have. Share the good energy. —Patrick Patel

“Changing your attitude often leads to changing your circumstances.”
—Emily Roosevelt

49. “A good outlook sets off a domino effect of positive ideas, occasions, and results. It acts as a catalyst and produces amazing outcomes. —Bogs Wade

“What makes you happy or miserable has nothing to do with what you own, who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. What matters is how you interpret it. – Albert Einstein

“We get angry with no one else.” When we let our attitude to rule us, we enrage ourselves.” —Rohn Jim

“I wish that the millions of people that I have touched will be filled with hope and a desire to share their aspirations, work hard, and persevere with a positive outlook.” —Eddie Jordan

. “The path to success always passes through failure.” —Rooney Mickey

“Life is a bowl of cherries,” said . It’s your responsibility to discard the bad cherries and go on while relishing the tasty ones! Some cherries are bad, but some are delicious! There are two types of individuals in the world: those who choose to discard the nice cherries and drown in the bad ones, and those who prefer to discard the bad cherries and relish the good ones. JoyBell C. C.

.. Make positive deposits rather than negative withdrawals wherever you go. You are able to build people. —Zoe Saldana

.. “Optimism attracts happiness. Positive thinking will attract positive things and people to you. —Retton, Mary Lou

.. Each person carries a weight. It is how you carry it that matters. –Mercedes Miller

“Keep a positive outlook even when faced with life’s challenges.” —Pulsifer, Catherine

60. “Someone who can take in the scenery while on a detour is a truly happy person.” —Not sure

.. “I consider the beauty that still exists rather than all the suffering.” —Frank Anne

“A weak attitude leads to a weak character.” —Itzhak Einstein

“Never lose that joyful outlook. Act as though you are in possession of a lovely, fragrant bouquet. —Abraham Lincoln

In line 64, “Hard work keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.” —Bryan Rubinstein

.. “A constant state of optimism multiplies forces.” — Paul Powell

“A positive attitude is the deliberate mental process of shifting your thoughts from dejection to joy; it is not something you acquire.” —Pulsifer, Byron R.

Decide on the good. You are in charge of your attitude and have a choice. Select the constructive and positive. Being optimistic is a faith that pays off. — Lee Bruce

“There are moments when taking the wrong turn leads to the right place.” —Harry Hale,

.. “You sense this good energy when you are passionate about what you do. It’s really easy. —Georges Coelho

“You can transform your entire day in just one minute by altering your attitude.” —Matt Johnson

71. “A person with a positive attitude and a goal in sight can be stopped by almost anything on earth.” Dennis Waitley

“You can accomplish more with positive thinking than with negative thinking.” — Zig Ziglar

“You have to adopt a survival mindset. Not only are you taking care of yourself? You both grow with and assist others in maturing. —Winfrey, O.

“If you have the courage to pursue them, all your dreams can come true.” — Disney, Walt