awasome quotes

1. “Being great goes beyond having potential. It is that potential put into practice. Past the inherent ability. You require the necessary instruction. You must have self-control. You require the motivation. You must possess drive. -Eric Burns, Jr.

2. “Never admire quietly.” -Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi

3. “Sometimes we convince ourselves to hang onto the illusions and not to the truths.” -Gawdat Mo

4. “If you are always walking on tiptoe, you can never leave footprints that last.” -David Gbowee

5. “The keys to your existence lie inside of you. Your passport to happiness is something you carry. -Theodora von Furstenberg

6. “We ought to be instructed to start things without waiting for inspiration. Inspiration usually comes from action. Inspiration rarely leads to action. -Leopold Tibolt