cheat quotes

2. You were too busy keeping things hidden for me to try to keep us together.

3. Keep in mind that they didn’t apologize when you were unaware.

4. Cheating in a relationship has no justification.

5. You should never force someone who is devoted to lose interest in you.

6. “If you cheat once, you’ll cheat again.” — Caroline Edwards

7. Avoid lying. You shouldn’t be if the feeling isn’t present.
11. You had time to consider it if you had enough time to cheat.

12. Someone will cheat ON you if they cheat for you. It’s science here.


13. Avoid lying, cheating, and making unfulfilled promises.


14. Those who cheat believe that everyone does it. Everyone lies, according to liars. Note this down.

17. I won’t cry any more because you lost me—not me losing you.

18. A person who truly loves you wouldn’t position themselves to lose you.

19. Our actions define who we are; our words and thoughts do not.
2. It’s better to be single than to be mistreated, cheated on, and lied to.

3. Undiscovered lies are genuinely frightening because they must have a stronger ability to undermine us than lies that are uncovered. They weaken our base, our strength, and our sense of ourselves.


4. You betrayed us as well, not just myself. You destroyed not just my heart but also our future.