cheat quotes

5. When they cheat, they could feel good about it. Heck, they could benefit from it. However, that seems unimportant. It is unjust to others to cheat. Many also don’t know how to stop it.
6. The most inconsiderate thing a person can do to another is to cheat. Before beginning a new relationship, end the one you’re unhappy with.

7. Quit offering him justifications. Because the other female isn’t, you are kept a secret. Story ends here.


8. Cheating for two seconds ends a twenty-year marriage. Before you cheat, consider.


9. Not all forms of cheating involve kissing, caressing, or flirting. You are already there if you need to erase text messages so your lover can’t see them.



11. While people set an example of betrayal, animals set an example of faithfulness.

12. Since the last time you allowed me to drown, I’m still coughing up water, stop asking me to trust you.

13. Cheating on a deserving woman is akin to failing an exam with no homework.

14. He claims to love her, but in reality, all he really wants is to be loved.

15. The majority of cheaters do so because they focus more on what they need than what they already have.
16. If you have to confirm who you are texting, you are doing something incorrectly.

17. Faith is like to paper. It is not flawless once it crumples.