cheat quotes

Not all forms of cheating involve kissing, touching, or flirting. You’re already there if you have to erase text messages to hide them from your lover. – Unknown
“I’m not sure which is worse—people who tell lies or people who assume I’m naive enough to believe them!” – Unknown
“The betrayed spouse experiences physical, emotional, and mental suffering as a result of infidelity. As you heal, treat yourself with kindness. Karen Finn, M.D.
There is never a time waster in a relationship. It taught you what you don’t want if it didn’t get you what you wanted. – Unknown
“Somehow, even though you knew what you were doing and that it would hurt me, you didn’t stop.” – Unknown

“I’m not angry that you lied to me; I’m angry that I won’t be able to believe you going forward.” – Leonardo da Vinci
“Those who betray their faithful partners are undeserving of them.” To cheat on someone in a relationship out of disregard for their loyalty is a trashy mentality. – Barrier, Ellen J.
“True men are too busy finding new ways to love their women to have time to cheat.” – Unknown
“That was the beginning of dishonesty and betrayal, not in large lies but in little secrets.” Says Amy Tan
“I’m not naive enough to trust you again, but I’m a good enough person to forgive you.” – Unknown