cheat quotes

“It pays to not commit adultery, and utility is the ultimate yardstick of the rationality of moral behavior,” is the response to the question, “Why shouldn’t I commit adultery?” – Pawar Sheela
“We can’t stop feelings from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf,” is how feelings are similar to waves. – Mårtensson Jonatan
“Never enter into a new relationship if your previous one hasn’t ended.” – Unknown
“Some people hook up behind your back, just like bras.” – Unknown
“Some individuals play relationships like video games, getting bored and cheating.” – Unknown

Keep it real. You shouldn’t be feeling anything if the feelings aren’t there. – Unknown
“Most people cheat because they focus more on what they lack than what they already have.” – Unknown
“I’m still coughing up water from the last time you let me drown, so stop asking me to trust you.” – Unknown
“Loyalty is more important to modern couples than love.” Says Amit Kalantri.

“There is always a red card when you cheat someone, so don’t expect a yellow card.” – Unknown
“A man who is truly into you wouldn’t act in such a way as to lie, cheat, or hide.” – Behrendt, Greg

“Somehow, even though you knew what you were doing and that it would hurt me, you didn’t stop.” – Unknown