cheat quotes

“When people make the extra effort to clarify and insist, particularly if they haven’t been faced…Their guilt is equal to sin. — Dru Kucherera, Edmund
“A boy will make excuses; a real man will cut off any female who threatens his relationship with his woman.” – Unknown
“If your partner is receiving texts from someone, it means they are accepting it. It is an indication of their actions behind your back. – Unknown
“Until they are cheated on, cheaters don’t believe that cheating is wrong.” – Unknown

“When things are held together by lies, they fall apart so easily.” Theodora Allison
An accident is a mistake. Lying and cheating are deliberate decisions rather than errors. – Unknown


“Lies that remain hidden have a stronger potential to undermine our values than those that are revealed, which is why they are so terrifying.” – Hughes Cheryl
Some people’s never-ending attempts to keep up the illusion that their marriages or relationships are still strong are fueled by cheating. – Mokhonoana Mokokoma
“Why cheat when a relationship isn’t a test?” – Unknown
Except for betrayal, all of your vices may be made up for. There is never anything you can do to make up for the hurt that treachery causes.

“Physical infidelity is the notice, the signal, that undermines all fidelities.” – Porter, Katherine Anne
“Dancing with the devil requires two to bring down the house, but it only takes one to tango.” -Adam Versey

“Showing your partner your little secrets is the essence of betrayal.” – Unknown