cheat quotes

46. “It’s better to be single than to be misled, duped, and treated disrespectfully.” — Not sure

47. “When things are held together by lies, they fall apart so easily.” Theodora Allison

48. “Unless both parties are equally invested, a relationship cannot be saved. To make it work, everyone has to work together. It will never be enough for one individual to attempt.” — Gaskins Tony
Fifty. “An affair that has no meaning whatsoever does not exist.” — Allison Robson


51. “You will be married to a man who cheats on his wife if you marry a man who does that.” With Ann Landers.

52. “A true man will tell the truth, no matter how painful it is.” A coward stays under cover of lies and trickery. — Not sure



53. “How about you just act like he passed away? To a dead man, you cannot write or call. Simply light a few candles in front of his photo and move on. — Liz Lopez
54. “Don’t assume that someone is an idiot if you are successful in deceiving them. Recognize that you were given far more trust than you earned. — Not sure

55. “A partnership requires an affair to thrive. But it must be an affair with your own self, your own self. – Grand Lebo


56. “Try something more challenging like being faithful; cheating is easy.” — Not sure


57. “Love should never cause pain. Love is meant to be a healing force, a refuge from suffering, and a reason to live. — Ashe, Mia