cheat quotes4

Love triangle

You cheated on both of us, not just on me. You destroyed not just my heart but also our future. – Mark Maraboli
“Any affair is highly dysfunctional by definition.” – Brooks, Rebekah
“There is no way a woman could love an adulterer and not pay the price.” – Wynters, Rose
“You deserve someone who never leaves; you don’t deserve someone who comes back.” – Unknown
“When there are too many passengers, relationships suffer.” – UnknownCheating never has a place. It is not justified in any way. – Unknown
“A liar deceives himself more than anyone else because he thinks he can continue to be a decent person when he can’t.” – Goodrich, Richelle E.
“Bedrooms are not where affairs begin. Talks are where they begin. – Unknown
“Taking something that belongs to someone else is adultery.” – Unknown