cheat quotes

Man hiding his wedding ring

“Cheating only makes people happy who are unable to appreciate the beauty of loyalty.” – Johnson, Michael Bassey
“You get angrier the more you defend a lie.” – Michal Albom
“As soon as you feel betrayed, let go of your displeasure. That way, the resentment doesn’t have time to fester. – Toba Alpha
“Letting a man keep your wife is the best form of retaliation when he steals her.” – Guitry Sacha
“It pays to not commit adultery, and utility is the ultimate yardstick of the rationality of moral behavior,” is the response to the question, “Why shouldn’t I commit adultery?” – Pawar Sheela
“We can’t stop feelings from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf,” is how feelings are similar to waves. – MÃ¥rtensson Jonatan