cheat quotes

9. “Those who betray their faithful partners are undeserving of them.” To cheat on someone in a relationship out of disregard for their loyalty is a trashy mentality.
Bryan J. Ellen

10. “Earthquakes simply occur.” A tornado simply occurs. Your tongue did not accidentally end up in the mouth of another girl! Halliday, Emma
11. “Cheats flourish until enough people harbor resentment toward them to ensure that they do not prosper.” Singer Peter


12. “Time is never wasted in a relationship. It taught you what you didn’t want if it didn’t get you what you wanted.” — Not sure

13. “How can he love you when he treats you as if he doesn’t even like you?”

15. “You get angrier the more you defend a lie.” — Albom Mitch
16. “I don’t think you’ve shaken me anymore—not that you lied to me.” Gottfried Nietzsche

17. “A liar deceives himself more than anyone else because he thinks he can carry on being a decent person when he can’t.” Richelle E. Wells


18. “A repeater is someone who cheats once.” Caroline Edwards


19. “The most inconsiderate thing a human being can do to another is to cheat.” End a relationship if it isn’t fulfilling before beginning a new one. — Tiwari Abhishek


20. “One chooses to cheat. Exactly.” Theodore J. Orlando


21. “Letting a man keep your wife is the best form of retaliation when he steals her.” Guitry Sacha

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