cheating quotes

22. “If you don’t want to be taken advantage of, don’t cheat. Relationships are reciprocal. This is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. — Ayivor Israelmore

23. “Having an affair is never acceptable.” Hampton Shanola
25. “When used for cowardly or selfish purposes, even the smallest amount of deception is dishonorable.” Birdsall, Jeanne

26. “Little secrets, not big lies, were the beginning of dishonesty and betrayal.” Says Amy Tan


27. “A man can find room at the top for someone he claims is nobody, even if he loves you with all of his heart.” Says Kiki Strack


28. “Cheating only thrills those who cannot see the beauty in faithfulness.” Johnson, Michael Bassey



30. “Be devoted to the idea of character, and don’t cheat if you can’t be devoted to another person.” Springer, Jerry
32. “A real man is too busy giving a good woman everything she deserves, so he doesn’t have time to cheat

.” Ghatourey Ritu

32. 46. “It was difficult to regain trust once it was gone.” Maybe not even in a lifetime, or even in a year. — John E. B. Spredemann


33. “The betrayed spouse experiences physical, mental, and emotional suffering as a result of infidelity Cheating. As you heal, treat yourself with kindness. Karen Finn, M.D.


34. “It was simple to cheat, but it was impossible to undo.” Osborne Dean

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