cheat quotes

1. “The worst thing someone could do is cheating on me, second only to hurting my family.” — William Buckley

2. “Undiscovered lies have the potential to degrade us more than lies that are disclosed, which is why they are genuinely frightening. They undermine our basis, our strength, and our sense of self-worth. — Judith Hughes
3. “You cheated on both of us, not just on me. You destroyed not just my heart but also our future. Marc Maraboli


4. “A woman would have to pay the price for loving infidelity.” Wynters Rose

5. “Lying and deceive are grounds for breakups; they’re not fights.” Henry Patti Callahan


6. I experienced betrayal and had my heart wounded by both the guy I was in love with and

7. “When people are scared, they lie. There is no justification for deceiving or fabricating understanding when there is no penalty for admitting mistakes or ignorance.
8. “Really, the jerks don’t deserve you in the first place if they deceive you. You really shouldn’t have been with them in the first place, if that is a valid fear of cheating.

Keplinger, Kody

9. “Cheating fosters a dishonest culture as more people find ways to justify it. And that could start a downward, destructive spiral. You feel compelled to cheat if everyone else is doing it, for whatever reason. Covey, Steven


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