Carma is a jerk. I’m going to cheat on you first if you’re cheating on me.

If karma exists—which I’m not sure it does—then perhaps she’s doing something extra wonderful for us today.

What a jerk Karma is! If you cheat, she will get you.

You’re not deserving of another chance. Karma does not favor you.
When you’re ill or injured, karma won’t support you, so be sure to look after yourself. Karma is unconcerned with you.


She will be stealing your man away from you because Karma is a bitch. – Karma quotes that betray him

I’m not dishonest. I never betray me.



She’ll make sure that everyone knows what a loser you are, and he’ll make you look like the biggest cheater in the world!

Your partner will discover if you cheat on them, and when they do, you will be held accountable.
Thus, pay attention to that bitch if your karma is asking you to cheat on your partner.


Carma is a jerk. You are betraying yourself when you deceive someone else. Never do that.

What do you know? You’re okay! Since karma is a bitch and will always find a way to get even with you.



If you are unfaithful to me, it doesn’t matter. All I want is that you cease deceiving me. – Karma quotes that betray him