Cheat quotes

Boyfriend showing phone to his cheater girlfriend

God may occasionally touch you, but He won’t always heal you. When this occurs, it’s usually because he’s using your suffering for something bigger. – Alder, Shannon L.
“Never drive someone who is loyal to the brink of indifference.” – Unknown
“Lying and cheating are grounds for breakup; they’re not battles.” – Callahan, Patti Henry.
“If you don’t want to be duped, then don’t cheat. Relationships are reciprocal. This is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. – Ayivor Israelmore
“Your identity did not cause them to cheat. Because of who they are not, they decided to cheat. Theodore J. Orlando

“Earthquakes simply occur.” A tornado simply occurs. It is not by accident that your tongue ends up in someone else’s mouth! – Holly Halliday
“If you cheat on a decent woman, karma will ensure that you get the shit you deserve.” – Unknown
“I’m pleased with my heart. Even after being burned, broken, and played with, it still functions. – Unknown
“Letting another woman keep your boyfriend is the best form of retaliation if he is stolen by another woman. Genuine men are unstealable. – Unknown