Famous Anniversary Quotes

Famous Anniversary Quotes

An anniversary of marriage is a celebration of tolerance, perseverance, love, and trust. The sequence is different for every year. Sweeney, Paul
“Two bodies inhabited by a single soul constitute love.” Says Aristotle
“I wouldn’t change a thing because you bring me happiness.” My soulmate is you. a union forged by destiny —Pulsifer, Catherine
“Love is the state in which another person’s happiness is fundamental to your own.” —Heinlein, Robert
“A marriage is not held together by chains. Through the years, people have been bound together by hundreds of little threads.” —Signoret Simone
“There is no heart like yours for me in the entire globe. Nothing compares to my love for you in the entire universe. Says Maya Angelou

“When you can’t wait to go to sleep because reality has finally surpassed your dreams, you know you are in love.” Dr. Seuss
“I adored you because I could see how perfect you were. When I realized you weren’t flawless, my love for you grew even stronger. —Li Angelita
The key to a successful marriage is matching with the correct partner. If all you want to do is be with them, then you know they’re right. —Carol Child
“The years multiply, and love grows more tremendously full, swift, and poignant.”Grey Zane

“You are everything I will ever need.” —Sheeran Ed
“Today and every tomorrow are you.” —Christopher Lee

“You are the most exquisite, charming, gentle, and stunning person I have ever met.”

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