Funny Wishes for Your Best Friend’s Birthday

“Happy birthday! 😊 I hope you receive a lot of messages from strangers on Facebook.
“Happy birthday! You’re younger than tomorrow but older than yesterday.”
“Leave the past behind; it is unchangeable. You cannot anticipate the future, therefore forget about it. And don’t worry about the gift—I didn’t buy you one. Joyous birthday!
On your birthday, cheers. Getting closer to wearing adult underwear
“To one of the few individuals whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder, happy birthday.”
“Happy New Year! It’s true that you don’t appear that elderly. However, you also don’t appear that young.

“Happy birthday to a brilliant, attractive, humorous, and very self-reminiscent person… from one amazing chick to another!”
Don’t let becoming older make you feel strange! All that matters about our age is how long the world has been enjoying us!
Three things occur when you age. I can’t recall the other two, but your memory only goes so far with the first. Joyous birthday!
Shakespeare once said, ‘Party thy ass off!'”
“You can be immature for a lifetime, but you are only young once.” Joyous birthday!
“I had the idea to give you the cutest present ever for your birthday. But then I understood that’s not possible because you are the world’s cutest present, after all.

Personalized birthday card for best friend