Angry Quotes


“Leave the past behind you, but never forget the lessons it taught you. You didn’t learn anything, though, if it taught you to harbor resentment, seek retribution, refuse to forgive or be compassionate, classify people as good or bad, mistrust them, and be cautious with your emotions. God does not teach you things to break your heart. He teaches you how to open it by helping you to become more compassionate and empathic, to listen, to try to understand rather than guess, and to resolve conflicts via dialogue. How would you ever be able to grow spiritually if he brought you ideal people?

How you treat me will always determine my angry manners.

Habit is my angry mindset, and I can’t change that.

You are no longer the source of my angry smile.

The Devil said, “Welcome, me master,” when I was born.

Please don’t bother C; I’m busy doing nothing.

My life is defined by my angry attitude.

My life is defined by my angry attitude. I need new haters because the old ones became I pals.

I am amazing, and I have faith in myself.

I’m exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

Don’t assume you know me; you don’t even know who I am.

I like this description: “cute and cruel.”

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