attitude quotes

Entired to rule.
Not fortunate, but diligent.
That’s all you can do; judge me.
self-centered. Anyhow, what’s wrong with that?
I’m already a celebrity, admired by many.

I’m not acting.
Scammers stay away

not a soul in need.

I can cope with my suffering better when I’m crazy.

Denied reality? I’m not!

endowed with a stunning appearance.

shrewd, brave, and cool.

Mom’s preferred kid

Shed your worries.

Wish to frighten me? Go on trying!

There is only one life. Lead an opulent life.

Memories, not regrets

every minute I opened my eyes, turning heads.

One day, I’ll make myself proud.

A fire burns within my spirit.

composed of steel nerves.
A legend in the works.
Don’t ever reveal your next move.
A positive outlook is always in trend.
While I alter my destiny, let the haters be hateful.

Selfish? I’m not! Oh no, hell!
That’s me: adaptable.

bravery of heart.

There are answers to all of our life’s questions in time.

It’s my middle name, ambition.

My scent is exuberance.

Reliable source of savagery.

smarter than you are.

Filled with truck loads of attitude.

Bikes and cars fuel my soul.

Keep your negative attitude at bay.

Letting go is my hobby attitude.

Always working my way up.

Not scared of dark times.

Choose the path less taken.

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