attitude quotes


14) Pick me or leave me. I’m not a fallback option or a second-best option.

15) Perhaps you should work just as hard as you obsess.

16) Never question me; those who know me do. I’ve never met somebody who doubts me.

17) “I am a girl, but I am a butterfly.” Admirably beautiful, yet hard to capture.

“The entire world appears to be a garden when you look at it with the correct perspective.”

“A positive outlook is a concrete and intelligent way to view problems, challenges, and obstacles; it is not wishy-washy.”

“A positive outlook has a significant impact on your life.”

“Believing in yourself is the first step towards developing a positive attitude.”

“Practicing a positive attitude is something that everyone can learn and work on.”

“A positive outlook may not be the answer to every issue we face, but it is our only hope for resolving them.”

“You can accomplish more with positive thinking than with negative thinking.”

“Your attitude is the most important item you will ever wear.”

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