short and sweet birthday message

“I hope you fulfill all of your birthday wishes!”
“Enjoy your special day by going out and celebrating!”
“Today, I’m wishing you the biggest slice of happiness.”
“I hope you have many wonderful memories from your celebration!”
“How old we are is just how long the world has been enjoying us!”
“Enjoy this unique day.”
“Enjoy the most amazing birthday ever!”
“May the coming year bring you happiness, wherever it may lead you.”
“This is your day; enjoy yourself!”
Cheers to your birthday, ride or die. I adore you so much!
“Happy birthday! I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the best.”
“Happy birthday! I hope you have many, many more.”
“Cheers to you for going around the sun again!”
“This is your day. I am so excited to celebrate everyone of you.Framed art print collage for a happy couple