smile quotes

The last person to laugh didn’t get it.
At the very least, it’s a good start to greet each day with a smile.
Make sunshine in your own life.
Ask not what the world is in need of. Find out what brings you joy, then pursue it. Because more people who have come of age are what the world needs. — Thurman, Howard
Make someone happy if you have the ability to do so. More of that is needed in the world.
Move with assurance in the direction of your goals. Lead the life you’ve always wanted. – Robert Louis Stevenson
Be the sunshine when you are unable to locate it.

In baseball, it took me seventeen years to reach three thousand hits. I completed it on the golf course in a single afternoon. -Alan Aaron

The day we stop talking about topics that really matter is when our lives really die. – King, Martin Luther Jr.
Happiness may only be attained by giving up worrying about things that are beyond of our control. From Epictetus
Every day, begin with gratitude in your heart.
For a good day, today is good.
Though it was little in exchange, like dawn light, the sunny grin dispersed the darkness and made the day worthwhile. Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Hard times pass, but tough individuals endure. Robert Schuller, M.D.
You are fantastic. Recall that.
Use what you have and what you can do where you are. –Rosalind Roosevelt
Spend time doing what brings you joy from the heart.