smile quotes

Having a purpose, being loved, and having hope are the three main components of happiness in this life. – Addison Joseph
Your life matters. Make sure you’re utilizing your advantages rather than just taking advantage of other people’s shortcomings. Rudolph, Kelly
There is nothing that can take away the inner light. Says Maya Angelou.
You’re capable of incredible feats.
You were unique from the start. Avoid being a copy. — Mason John
Be unique; there are already too many people.
Things are not what we perceive them to be. We view them as we ourselves are. The Talmud
Make the days matter instead of counting the days.
Paint regardless of the voice in your head that tells you that “you cannot paint.” The voice will be quieted. — Van Gogh, Vincent

It doesn’t hurt to smile.
Let the past shape you, not define you.
Take up more activities that bring you joy.
May you find opportunity where others perceive barriers and sunshine where others see gloom.
Though everyone aspires to live on top of the mountain, true enjoyment and personal development come from the ascent. — Andy Rogo
The world will be saved by the dreamers. — Allen James
A smiling face emanates from a happy heart. — Exodus 15:13

Big smiles. Laugh a lot. Never undervalue the life you have.
Take a different route when you encounter a roadblock. Says Mary Kay Ash.

Discover joy in the everyday.

The secret to happiness is not success. The secret to success is happiness. You will succeed if you are passionate about what you are doing. –