smile quotes

You will never be able to notice the shadow if you keep your face toward the sun. – Keller, Helen
You always have more in life when you consider what you already have. You’ll never have enough in life if your focus is on what you lack. – Winfrey, O.
The sun will always shine after a storm, there is always a solution to an issue, and being cheerful is the soul’s unavoidable responsibility. – Alger, William R.
It’s preferable to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak up and dispel any uncertainty. – Belson Rami
Looking on the bright side has never caused someone to lose their vision.
Along the extra mile, there are no traffic bottlenecks. – Staubach, Roger
Elect for compassion and laugh a lot.

Friends are the dessert on the smorgasbord of life.
The ability to live your life as you see fit is the only true measure of success. – Morley, Christopher
A furious way to express bubbles does not exist.
There are days when the week isn’t over. – Denise Nelson Brennan
A friendship can begin with a grin. A conflict can end with one phrase. Relationships can be saved by one glance. Your life can be changed by one person.
There can be no development without strife.
Give someone a smile of yours if you notice them lacking one!

I adore people who can find humor in difficult situations, find courage in adversity, and develop bravery with introspection. —Da Vinci Leonardo
A smile never completes your outfit. – Annie