smile quotes

There are no quick cuts to any worthwhile locations. – Sills, Beverly
I’ve discovered that although people will forget what you did and said, they will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou said
Make them question your continued smile.
I can tell I’m liked when I look out at the world and see people smiling at me. I don’t worry or have any issues at that moment. The Etta James.
Laughter is the soul’s fireworks.
Haters carry rumors, fools spread them, and idiots believe them.
The only thing wrinkles should do is show where smiles have gone. —Lewis Kahn

You can put it off, but time moves on, and time that is lost cannot be gained back. — Thomas Jefferson
You have a great life when you laugh and love a lot.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Each grin adds a day to your age.
Do not delay. There will never be a perfect moment. — Napoleon Douglas
You just want to be the one who makes you giggle after a time.
The tiny extra something makes the difference between ordinary and amazing.
You succeed each time you can see the positive side of a challenging circumstance.
The world appears more radiant when one is grinning.
When you grin in private, it’s because you genuinely mean it. —Rooney, Andy
The best therapy has always been and always will be laughter.