smile quotes

The best remedies for everything are a good laugh and a long sleep. — An Irish saying
There’s always something to chuckle at. Although it might not lengthen your years, it will undoubtedly make your years longer.
You will have learned to live after you have mastered the art of love.
You are stronger for everyone in your life—including yourself—when you take care of yourself. Rudolph, Kelly
It’s common knowledge that motivation wanes. Not that bathing does, either. We advise it every day because of this.
Decide who you are and be that.

As long as it moves forward, I’ll go anyplace. The Livingston
In life, there are those people who make you grin a little wider, laugh a little harder, and live a little bit better.


A grin can come from joy sometimes, and joy itself can come from a smile sometimes. Phíng Nhất Hạnh
Never forget that you are twice as beautiful as you could have ever imagined, stronger than you appear, braver than you think, and intelligenter than you think. Says Dr. Seuss
Dreams are eternal, laughter is ageless, and imagination never grows old. Mickey Disney
The people we love, the places we’ve gone, and the experiences we’ve made along the road are the best things in life.
Whenever you go, leave a little sparkle behind.
One acorn can produce a thousand forests. — Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Thinking one has no power is the most prevalent way for people to give it up. Says Alice Walker.