smile quotes

The universal language of kindness is a warm grin. George Arthur Ward
Sometimes it’s best to just stop thinking, wondering, imagining, and obsessing. Breathe and trust that everything will work itself out.
Your wrinkles will be in the appropriate position as you age if you laugh a lot.
A smile diverts an oncoming frown.
Someone who has been believed in by someone is a successful person.
Oscar Wilde once said, “I want to live, not earn a living.”
We educate ourselves by teaching others.
I’m grinning today, I’m grinning tomorrow, and I was grinning yesterday.just because there are too few tears in life. **Santosh Kalwar**

Life either gets smaller or bigger depending on how brave one is. From Anais Nin
Never take back a smile-inducing moment.
I Love You is the most powerful three-word phrase.
Choose to measure each day by the seeds you sow rather than the harvest you reap. — Stevenson, Robert Louis
If this is reaching you, then You’re alive, congratulations. I’m not sure what else there is to be happy about if that. **Chad Sugg**
Though life can only be comprehended in retrospect, it must be lived forward. Says Kierkegaard.
How slowly you move doesn’t matter as long as you don’t stop.
Without a doubt, one of the best treatments for beauty is a smile. It’s lovely if you have a nice sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. —Deepa Jones