Angry Quotes


The first rule of leadership was self-discipline, especially control over pride, which he explained was harder to master than a wild lion, and rage, which was harder to master than the best wrestler. “If you can’t swallow your pride, you can’t lead,” he cautioned them.

I don’t care if you don’t like me; I’m not a WhatsApp status.

Prior to speaking, consider your words carefully. Even in moments of rage, what you say will only be pardoned, not forgotten.

Hi there! Oh my goodness, I discovered something under my shoes—your stupid attitude.

You can imitate my actions, but not my mindset.

If you want me to control my attitude, you have to learn to control your fury.

I’m not really angry, but when I am, it’s like I’m crazy.

My life, my will, my attitude, and my angry temper

My frustration stems only from anger and unresolved issues.

To me, you are all dead. All those angry people who misled me have abandoned me.

As soon as I stopped arguing with you, you truly lost me.

It indicates that you have harmed him rather than that he despises you when someone ignores you.

When I’m angry, I keep quiet because I know that if I said anything, everything would go crazy.

Please don’t talk to me; I need to change my mindset.

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