attitude quotes

“We cannot be at peace with ourselves and forgive others at the same time.”

“Tending our inner world leads to forgiveness, just as a garden arises from tending the outside world.”

“Every wound has a gift for us.”
“The problems we perceive to be related to our NTs are actually problems with life.”


“Advanced Forgiveness: Part Four”

“Rather than something we do, forgiveness is something we are.”


“Consider someone who irritates, agitates, or provokes you. What admirable traits does this person exhibit that I don’t?”


“Make mentors out of torturers.”


“We choose to be empowered when we forgive instead of becoming victims.”


“The Four Steps to Pardoning”


unable to rein in my untamed energy.
Nice guy with a calm demeanor.
Never forget to forgive.
Special edition!
Authenticity is my superpower.
My scars add to my beauty.
I am adorable.

vibrant at all times.
Not a loss, but a winner or a student anyway.


A glimpse of an eagle

positive ninja.

I am exceptional!

Brilliant star!


remarkably astounding.

raised by a queen, born to a king attitude.

Living to communicate, not to win over,

I have an invincible streak; it’s my superpower.

Mom is my Swiss bank account; Dad is my ATM.

living in balance with who I am.

Don’t poke your nose into my attitude.

Not pity, just kindness

My disposition is a great attitude.

sparked with ardor.

didn’t alter; it only matured.

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