Top 40 Angry Quotes

Angry Quotes

top 40 anger quotes

Top Angry quotes are following;

  1. When you’re angry, your lips tends to speak more quickly than your brain.
  2. I told you that I needed you, and you reciprocated. Why didn’t you reveal the truth when you knew I wasn’t lying?
  3. There aren’t any words to express the rage and fury I am currently experiencing.
  4. Angry? Before you talk, take a long breath since your tongue speaks more quickly than your head.
  5. Can I murder you tomorrow morning?
  6. The source of anger is usually unmet expectations.
  7. Realising you shunned other individuals in favour of that one time waster hurts.
  8. In times of rage, exercising a minute of patience can prevent thousands of regretful moments.
  9. Have you ever simply wanted to smack someone silly?
  10. The cover for dread is anger.
  11. top angry Quotes
  12. The best method to tune out the world is occasionally to listen to music.
  13. When you tell someone to calm down, they only get even angrier.
  14. Being angry is punishing yourself for the wrongs of others. To be kind to oneself means forgiving others.
  15. Never let someone else’s happiness come at the expense of your own.
  16. I occasionally feel hurt rather than furious, which is a significant distinction.
  17. Danger and rage are separated by only one letter.
  18. For each minute that you are irritated. You miss out on 60 seconds of joy. Consider it…
  19. Anger over falsehoods never goes away. Anger at the truth cannot persist.
  20. Simply said, rage without excitement is depression.
  21. Instead of becoming angry, grin and spook them.
  22. top angry quotes
  23. As soon as anger is fed, it dies; hunger makes anger fat.
  24. Go visit a therapist or something; stop being so pessimistic; Facebook is for cheerful people.
  25. When you’re angry, your mouth speaks before you can think.
  26. A guy closes his eyes and opens his mouth in rage.
  27. Make your neighbour upset if you want to learn the complete truth about yourself.
  28. Repressed anger has the same destructive power as the cruellest words in a relationship.
  29. Only fools have anger inside of them.
  30. Make fewer commitments if you can’t even maintain one at a time.
  31. The truth often surfaces when someone is upset, so never forget what they say to you at such time.
  32. Even though I appear to be peaceful, I’ve really murdered you around five times.
  33. top angry quotes
  34. There is so much to aggravate you, by God.
  35. You forfeit sixty seconds of mental tranquilly for every minute you let your anger fester.
  36. Teach your kids how to be furious rather than teaching them never to be angry.
  37. Anger is a momentary mania.
  38. Except for a few people, everything is growing more costly.
  39. While forgiveness encourages you to evolve beyond who you were, anger shrinks you.
  40. Some people are unaware of the harm they do to others’ mental and emotional health.
  41. Don’t grin at me in front of me if you’re going to speak about me behind my back!
  42. I’m not angry just because I’m keeping silent, you understand.
  43. Do not grin at me if you intend to criticise me behind my back.
  44. As soon as anger is fed, it dies; hunger makes anger fat. 
  45. Go visit a therapist or something; stop being so pessimistic; Facebook is for cheerful people.
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