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When the fury is particularly strong, an Asperger’s syndrome sufferer may experience a “blind rage,” in which they are unable to recognize the cues that it is time to quit. Anger can also be a reaction in circumstances where other emotions might be expected. I’ve noticed that rage can sometimes be expressed as melancholy.

Don’t even bother to talk to me, so please don’t tell me you like me.

Being normal is boring; I’m insane.

You cannot change me, whether you love me or loathe me.

You showed me that you loved me, but you left as if it had never happened.

Never lie to me to console me; always tell the truth to harm me.

If I remove your number from my cell phone, you’re gone from my life.

I apologize that you are not worthy of my attitude.

I am positive that I don’t care, even if I am 90% positive that you despise my attitude.

Is it a hate-for-me attitude? Same here, aww.

Not my life, not your company, not my decisions, not my errors, not my rules, not my attitude

I treat you with the same mentality.

I am who I am, and I cannot change for anyone.

Don’t live your life filled with hatred and resentment towards individuals, since you’ll simply be doing more harm to yourself than to them.

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