attitude quotes

“You win when you forgive.”

“The ability to choose how things affect you is found in forgiveness.”

“To forgive is to choose happiness.”

“All it takes to forgive is to release ourselves from the need to punish.”

“We become what we intend for others to become.”

“As a child attitude, fear is wisdom.”
“We must first address the justifiable needs of those among us who choose not to forgive in order to be in a position to forgive.”


In order to completely reap the advantages of an event, we must be willing to embrace our sentiments around it.

“Emphasizing how forgiveness enables us to access the lessons that an experience can teach us.”

“We prevent the development of knowledge in a certain area of our lives if we cling to our wounds in that

“Developing wisdom is easier when one has a more forgiving mindset. Likewise, forgiveness is facilitated by a greater capacity for insight.

“Acts of forgiveness are not acts of will, but acts of willingness.”

“It is easier to forgive the big things when one practices forgiveness for the little things.”

“We can be absolutely certain we are wrong when we are absolutely certain we are right.”

“The truth is not a club to beat yourself with attitude.”
“The ability to create a better world—stuck in reverse—is cynicism.”


“Cynicism is a guard dog with a bad temper that never stops biting its owner.”

“A rift between our idealism and practicality is indicated by cynicism.”


“A lot of life’s events are just emotions masquerading as logic.”


Part Three: Delve Further, Make Peace with

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